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WOLT Place is your space

to be exactly who you are today,

while working on becoming the “you” you want to be.


Does this sound familiar? 

You’re a giver. You give to your job, your friends, your family, heck even strangers… you’re the one people rely on.  You’re the one that’s the family-fixer. You never say “no” to anyone in need. You listen to others as they fall apart. You take it in…. you console, you suck-it-up and get-it-done. You seem to have a never ending supply of time for everyone.  That is, aside from yourself.

But you don’t complain… you smile, you say, “no worries!” cheerfully while on the inside, you secretly crumble. And so you turn to food. Delicious, comforting, understanding, supportive food. Like that old Calgon commercial, it takes you away. While you’re discretely downing that second or third donut in the break room, you forget about that report that’s due in 25 minutes. While you’re finishing that second sleeve of Pringles, you forget about that emotional albatross of dread you just can’t deal with right now. You think that this is just your lot in life. You’ve always been overweight. It’s just always going to be that way.  All the while, the scale goes up… your clothes get tighter… and your desperation grows.

So you TRY to lose weight. You really do. 

Maybe a meeting will work.

You go to a weight loss support meeting after work and quietly sit alone trying not to take up space in a squeaky plastic chair. You listen for an hour as a leader shares the topic of the week while being interrupted by meeting regulars who ask about the point or calorie values of specific muffins at the grocery store across the street. You roll your eyes back in your head as the 5th person asks what aisle the magic calorie-free fiber muffins are found as you count down the moments until the meeting ends. And then you go home and eat something decadent…because you have a full week before you hop on the scale again, right?

You just want to share something of yourself with SOMEONE who understands, but the meeting leaves you feeling alone. And why does the meeting material show squads of well-dressed women enjoying a dinner party while eating mindfully? If it were real life it would be a photo of a woman secret eating fast food in a parking lot before heading to pick up the kids from day care.

Or, how about a free online group?

You join a free Facebook fitness or health group with hundreds – or even thousands – of other members Posts fly by, and though you’ve connected with a few people, there’s NO way you can truly connect with 4,375 other members. You have to fight for a space to be heard, or run the risk of posting without receiving a single response.  Is there anything lonelier than making a vulnerable post and getting nothing but crickets?

What about a personal trainer?

You work out with a 24-year-old personal trainer, “Jerry,” who’s never been overweight a day in his entire life. He tells you that you have to say goodbye to eating broccoli for the rest of your life because the macros don’t fit your plan. Jerry also tells you that you’d be the “full package” if you lost weight. You scan the dark web at night looking for voodoo dolls to use in black magic rituals against your trainer and his stupid no-broccoli policy. (I mean really, Jerry… I didn’t get to this weight because of my insatiable broccoli habit.)  Jerry also refers to “gains” ALL the time and you want to punch him in his own personal broccoli-bereft gains.

Frustrating and depressing, right?
So, you wish upon a star for something different. You make a mental list of your ideal weight loss support group…. But does it exist?

Welcome to WOLT Place…

where you get direct access to support 7-days a week.

A 45-minute meeting once a week talking about muffin-points just won’t cut it. With WOLT Place, Catherine interacts with members every day of the week. She posts videos, accountability challenges, daily check-ins and works directly with members on their own unique goals.

where you get a safe space to talk candidly about ALL of your life without a filter.

WOLT Place is a safe space to be vulnerable, honest, accountable, successful, weak, weary, and fierce as heck, without your entire Facebook feed of colleagues, second cousins, and wretched faux-friends from high-school peaking at your vulnerabilities. You’ll be in a space where you can be exactly who you are today, while working on the “you” you want to be. No judgement, no awkward un-answered posts.

where you get to be part of something meaningful.

With a small community base, you’ll get to know the other members as you get to know yourself better too. There’s no hiding out unnoticed… we’re a group that has one another’s backs and checks in if someone goes quiet.

WOLT Place isn’t a diet plan… it’s a safe space to ask questions, work on your own plan, and learn from others on their journeys too. No Jerrys and his gains-squad telling you what to eat and when. You can see what “real people” eat on normal days with our “Day In the Life” food posting events. You can share your weight goals with members in the process of losing or maintaining with our monthly “Weigh to Go” weight posting events. You can contribute as much as you like, or lurk quietly until you find the right place to jump in.

We do daily check-ins, post videos, host webinars and challenges, do occasional book groups, fitness and habit goal check-ins, and support one another daily as life throws expected and surprise attacks your way.

No squeaky chair required, no judgement from your family or friends, no filtering so people don’t see your weaknesses… just a small, safe corner of the internet to work on you with other women working on themselves.

The WOLT Place Membership:

Can I tell you something? I hate being sold things. When I pass the perfume counters at the mall, I maintain laser focus on the exits, daring NOT to even glance in the direction of a sales associate trying to spray me with JeanNate. As I pass a pop-up-park-boot-camp on the grass with punching bags, a tight rope and myriad kettle bells, I wave at a stranger in the distance and scurry off trying to pretend I didn’t see this park-style-Jerry trying to ask me about my gains. If I want something, I’ll buy it.

But how do we justify the cost of investing in our mental and physical health?

Do we deserve to spend money on this? Is it worth it? Is someone going to point out that for the same price as a lottery scratcher a day, you could be part of something amazing for yourself? Nope. I’m not going to spray emotional JeanNate in your direction. You are a grown up. You have spent money in your life on AMAZING things, and you have spent money on practical things, indulgent things, and things that were a TOTAL waste of money (I’m looking at you, Shake Weight).

I would absolutely LOVE to walk with you on your weight loss journey.

I would LOVE to help you understand yourself better, to host a safe space for you to share your successes AND your secret eating.  I would be THRILLED to challenge you, inspire you, and check in on you when you go quiet. Joining a support group like this changed my life immeasurably. And even though I’ve kept off 150 pounds for two years now, I still need accountability and fellowship with women who understand at their core how hard it is to manage their weight… and how rewarding it feels to achieve their goals.

I won’t remind you of the cost of lottery scratchers… I’ll just say that if this sounds like a gang you want to be a part of, there’s a virtual bubblegum-pink-satin “Pink Ladies” jacket waiting here with your name on it.

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