Episode 17 – Late Night Pickles

In this ramdazzeleydo episode you learn what “ramdazzeleydo” means.  Sort of.  Catherine and Donald do a check in and discuss how it’s going.  They talk about how changes in schedule can really throw off the weight loss adventure and some techniques for dealing with it.  They discuss losing 100 pounds and still being in the “overweight” category on the BMI scale.  Stupid numbers.  Are late night pickles the solution?  Maybe.  You have to listen to find out.  And Kate returns!  We check in with her and see how she dealt with eating on plan at a wedding and how not quitting is a form of quitting in itself.  Tune in to find out how.  Do you “tune in” to a podcast?  No one knows, but the point here is that it doesn’t listen to itself.