Episode 18 – Pump Up the Volume

Pump Up the Volume is not just a late 80’s dance anthem.  Nor is it just an underrated 1990 Christian Slater Movie.  It’s also a way to help with weight loss by curbing hunger.  Catherine and Donald talk about adding low calorie foods that you still enjoy to your diet so that you can eat more of them.  You can eat these foods on their own or add them to other foods that you already enjoy to make them last longer and fill you up sooner.  By “pumping up the volume”, you feel more satisfied and hold hunger at bay.  If this episode was about adding more fruit spread to your diet, it would be called, “Pump Up the Jam”, but it’s not.  If this episode was about getting fruit spread out of your life, it would be called, “Kick out the Jams”, but it isn’t that either.  So, how about giving it a listen and “Pump Up the Volume” while you do?