Episode 26 – Breaking Bad

The latest episode of We Only LOOK Thin is fueled by drugs.  Or at least it’s fueled by a TV show about drugs.  Catherine and Donald use a “Breaking Bad” analogy to discuss the slow erosion of good habits and how you can take tiny steps in the wrong direction that lead to becoming the Walter White of gaining weight.  You have to be ever vigilant and honest with yourself during your weight loss adventure and not say “just this one time”.  Before you know it, you’re doing a bad habit over and over again.

It’s not all doom and gloom though.  Catherine and Donald also talk about the good news;  it can also work in the other direction.  By gently adding one good habit at a time, you can work your way towards your goal and towards being your best self.  They also ask the age-old question; do you kick a medicine ball? Sponsored by Bloomin’ Celery!