Episode 01 – The Introductioning

Catherine and Donald Wygal are a married couple who have each lost over 100 pounds.  They’ve lost weight in the past and always gained it back.  This time, they are working on keeping it off for good while trying to inspire others to do the same.  Meet them in this first episode.

6 thoughts on “Episode 01 – The Introductioning

  1. Amy Gebhardt

    Love the first podcast, guys! You made me laugh! I’m along for the journey.

    • we-only-look-thin Post author

      Thanks so much, Amy!! Laughing burns calories, so everybody wins!

  2. Julie Tussey

    Listened and love it! Humorous and informative. I like your dynamic together. Congratulations on a Hit Podcast!
    Julie Tusssey, The Julie Tussey Show.

  3. Judi Campion

    Hi Catherine
    A voice from the past, Judi Campion.
    Just listened to the first episode. Congratulations. I will listen again.

  4. Jojo

    I found this kinda late, recommended from a fellow Weight Watcher. So far, I’m hooked! I feel all of the sentiment shared. Thanks for the realness

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