Episode 106 – Gremlins 2 – The New Batch

If you were a movie goer in the 80s, you know the rules for Gremlins.  Don’t expose them to bright light, don’t get them wet, and don’t ever, ever feed them after midnight.  What if people came with convenient warning labels with do’s and don’ts for their weight-loss and fitness adventures?  This week, Catherine and Donald continue their lists of the rules that they’ve leaned work for them to lose and maintain 100 plus pounds of weight loss.   The Tip of the Week (TOW!) is to dress for the job you want.  The Product of the Week (POW!) is the Instant Pot.  Plus, Catherine conveniently forgets a pretzel roll, Donald leaves his coffee in the other room, and If you’ve already planned for it, you don’t have to plan for it.  It’s one of those rare instances when the sequel is even better than the original.

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