Episode 116 – Lucky Charms

We Only Look Thin presents the episode that was supposed to come out just before St. Patrick’s Day.  So, let’s all agree to pretend everything is normal and that it’s about two weeks ago…  This close to St. Patrick’s Day, everyone knows that the most effective weight-loss strategy is to capture a Leprechaun and force it into giving you three wishes.  But what if you’re not that lucky?  This week, Catherine and Donald talk about all the time they wasted wishing that they were lucky in weight loss instead of focusing on actions to get them where they wanted to be.  It turns out, the harder you work, the more luck you have.  Plus,  Donald questions the military experience of General Mills, Catherine advises against chasing rainbows or waterfalls, and 54% is more than half.

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The Fallacy Of Luck by Christos Harrison:

Atomic Habits by James Clear (on Amazon):

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