Episode 107 – The Couch is Lava

Sure, moving around sounds like a lot of work.  We’d all rather sit on the couch and do nothing, but it turns out that isn’t a good idea when it comes to health and fitness.  This week, Catherine and Donald throw excerpts from a bunch of studies at you that indicate that a sedentary existence is bad for your health in more ways than just your weight.  They also give you loads of tips on how to get more movement into your life without having to become of full-time athlete and without even having to set foot in a gym.   The Product of the Week (POW!) is the Fitbit fitness tracker.  Plus, Catherine calls herself a fitto introverto, Donald wears knee socks, and the couple ask the age-old question, what exactly did the Happy Days gang want Potsie to sit on?

The “Sitting is the New Smoking” article:

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The Fitbit Ionic that Catherine and Donald both use (on Amazon):

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The Ancheer Rebounder that Catherine and Donald Use at home:

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