Episode 36 – Planned Obsolescence

When you fail to plan your obsolescence you plan to be obsolete.  Okay, that makes no sense, but I promise that this podcast will make everything clear.  In an episode with two new segments, Catherine and Donald talk about the planned obsolescence that’s built into many diet programs and home exercise equipment.   They caution about getting too excited over a new gadget or gizmo or a “get thin quick” diet instead of building sustainable habits.  They also introduce the Tip of the Week and this week’s tip is to watch out for buzzwords. Then they argue about whether it’s “ants on a log” or “sadness on a log”.  Which team are you on?   They also launch the Product Of the Week!  POW!  The “t” is silent.  Lastly, they ask the age-old question, did the dinosaurs track their calories?  Listen for the phrase that pays!  Note, there is no phrase that pays.

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