Episode 38 – Let Cheez-Its Take The Wheel

Sometimes on We Only LOOK Thin you lean valuable lessons.  This week you learn that not all “t”s are silent and that Catherine is a yuk mouth who thinks apples are “meh”.  Catherine and Donald also tackle emotional eating; the act of turning to food for comfort when we get upset or stressed out.  The two of them discuss how they ate to soothe themselves for most of their lives and how learning to sit with discomfort and own your feelings is a huge step in the weight loss adventure.  In addition, Listerine and fresh breath are both the Product of the Week (POW!) and Tip Of the Week (TOW!).  You also learn that Donald is a knight named “Sir Cheese Wygal” and yet another valuable lesson; you don’t want to wear a chum bathing suit to a shark convention.

Listerine Cool Mint


Listerine Breath Strips


Listerine Pocket Mist


Listerine Travel Size