Episode 39 – Friday to the Danger Zone

A dictionary that I just made up defines “Weekend” as two days that end the week. Sometimes it seems like these two days, three if we include Friday, can sabotage our weight loss goals. However, the real saboteur is ourselves. Truth Bomb. Catherine and Donald discuss what to do when you’re doing everything you can on week days, but falling apart on the weekends. It turns out that you are not a victim, but rather an adult who is capable of making good choices. Who knew? The Tip of the Week involves planning ahead for meals, and the Product of the Week is the Food Scale. Also in this episode, they also introduce you to The Bus of Perfectness, Check Mix Fits, and Donald and Catherine get a Smug Check. Fun Fact: this episode was almost called “Weakend Worrier”, so now you have two titles for the price of one!

Here are some inexpensive  food scales that we like:

Greater Foods Digital Kitchen Scale


Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale


Nutri Fit Digital Kitchen Scale – Comes in different colors