Episode 41 – Winter is Coming

In the world’s first known “Game of Thrones”/Aesop’s Fables mashup, Catherine and Donald remind you that winter is coming.  Sometimes winter is a season between fall and spring, and other times, winter is a metaphor for life’s unexpected challenges.  The couple discuss how to be ready for this weight-loss winter and the benefits of doing it now.  The Tip of the week involves Halloween candy and the Products of the Week are single servings of some of our favorite things.  Also, get inspired to Google a Goblin Shark, hear Catherine’s Jimmy Carter impression, find out if the Mother of Dragons would have great BBQ, and learn that the White Walkers are really powdered doughnuts.  Listen to the inspirational super-stars that TV Guide calls “The Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister of weight-loss podcasting”.

Hellman’s (a.k.a. Best Foods) Mayonnaise Packets

Kraft Individual Mayonnaise Packets