Episode 43 – Honey Glazed Holidays

Is the battle between “less filling” and “tastes great” stressing you out?  That can mean only one thing; the holiday season is almost upon us.  Catherine and Donald are here with a super-sized episode to help get you through it without throwing away all of your weight loss goals.  Do you want to curse your own name on January 1st or you do you want to be proud of yourself?  Catherine and Donald might not be able to stop your Uncle Jerry from starting an argument about politics at the dinner table, but they can help you get through the holiday season without packing on a bunch of extra pounds. This episode is so full of advice that there is no Tip of the Week or Product of the week, but the couple do reveal that “the secret is to wet the buns” and you find out that Catherine isn’t actually a nice person.  Listen so that you can have a successful January 1st and not a regretful January 1st!