Episode 48 – Depression is My Co-Pilot

In this week’s episode, Catherine and Donald talk about depression and how it relates to weight loss and how the tools to push past your thoughts are where change comes from.  A recipe or a diet plan is not going to cure your depression; you have to work on the way you think about your thoughts.  Catherine talks about how disconnecting her feelings from her actions has been critical in achieving her weight loss goals.  The Tip of the Week (TOW!) is to pick a love song for yourself and the Product of the Week (POW!) is wireless headphones.  As Catherine says, “Learn to invest in the light”.  As she also says, “Must be nice”.

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1 thought on “Episode 48 – Depression is My Co-Pilot

  1. Heather

    Catherine, interestingly enough I turned into this episode while I took a shower today, which seems to be a chore as big as climbing Mt Everest in the midst of my depression lately. I tuned into your podcast to listen so this chore would be more bearable as you and Donald always make me laugh. Who knew this would be about me. Thank you so much for your personal truth and how you manage your life in spite of it. This episode will be on replay.

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