Episode 49 – Chutes and Ladders

Are you treating weight loss like a game?  Trouble? Boggle? Hungry Hungry Hippos?  In this episode, Catherine and Donald become magicians and turn games into metaphors.  They help you figure out what kind of accountability you need and remind you not to take your eye off the prize.   A prize that is your health, your mobility, and the pride that you will feel when you set a goal and achieve it with small, sustainable habits.  The Tip of the Week (TOW) is to choose waste over waist.  The product of the week (POW!) is WOLT Place.  A place where you can love the you of today, while working on the you of tomorrow. Also, Catherine does a fun accent, they mention Invisible Touch for some reason, and Captain Chuckles comes to the rescue.

WOLT Place:
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