Episode 68 – Getting Started Part 3 – One Step Beyond

This episode is madness!  Because it’s called “One Step Beyond”, get it? In the third and final part of their award winning series on getting started with weight loss, Catherine and Donald take on purposeful movement and how to work it into your life.  It’s a bombardment for your ears, but in a good way.  We know it’s not the mental episode, but it turns out it’s all mental.  Also, Donald is an arrogant jerk bologna.  How many calories are in jerk Bologna anyway?  Listen and find out.

For a more detailed episode about getting in steps, check out episode 4 of We Only Look Thin, The Stepisode.

Fitbits on Amazon:
The Fitbit Ionic (the model that Catherine and Donald Use)
The Rebounder that Catherine and Donald Use:
Fitness Marshall on YouTube

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