Episode 71 – Office Space

This week we’re going to knock you down your worth of salt. That will sort of make sense after you listen. Many people have jobs and many of the people who have jobs eat food every day. There are a thousand things working against you at work; there’s stress, free food in the kitchen, fast food lunches, vendor snacks, food pushers, and Tim from accounting bringing in homemade baked treats just to name a few. Catherine and Donald talk about navigating your work place and your work week in a way that helps you achieve your fitness goals. The Tip of the Week (TOW!) is to put a list on the fridge. The Product of the Week (POW!) is the website My Achievement http://tinyurl.com/yb3mpa7d. Plus, Catherine drops a bummer statistic, Donald admits to a weakness for convenience store egg salad sandwiches, and the couple urge Dolly Parton to record a version of “9 to 5” to fit everyone’s possible work hours.

My Achievement

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