Episode 74 – Must Be Nice’itis

In another nice episode of We Only LOOK Thin, we find out that Donald a little bit jealous and Catherine is a little bit rock and roll (yes, a Donny and Marie reference in 2019). Do you often look at other peoples’ weight loss success and say “must be nice”? Do you think that they must have more free time than you, or a better metabolism, or just have an easier time in general? Sounds like you have Must Be Nice’itis. Donald and Catherine talk about how they spent most of their lives with Must Be Nice’itis until they realized that in the time they spent saying, “Must Be Nice” , they could have taken action and done something themselves. The Tip of the Week (TOW!) is to eat the frog first. How many calories are in frog anyway? The Product of the Week (POW!) is letsmakeart.com. Plus, vegetables aren’t funny, nobody likes beaded curtains, and Chopin; the guy got it done! We Only LOOK Thin is WebMD for your Must Be Nice’itis.

Let’s Make Art