Episode 81 – Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

It’s a thrifty episode of We Only Look Thin and we’re not talking about Thrifty Ice Cream. Do you “clean your plate” all the time because it would be wasteful not to? Do you insist on taking home and eating leftovers even when you don’t really want to eat the food? It turns out that there can be a high cost of trying to save; Catherine and Donald discuss this and ways to get yourself past it. You are not a trash can. The Tip Of The Week (TOW!) is to check the ingredients on your Greek Yogurt. The Product of the Week (POW!) is WOLT Place. Opening August 1st! Sign up now! Also, a spoonful of gravy is worth half a marathon, Catherine apologizes for cream pies in the face. and some products are sleeper-cell agents. Recorded at WOLT radio.

More information on WOLT Place: