Episode 93 – Does This Podcast Make Me Look Fat?

Sometimes words hurt, and not just when you get hit in the face with a book.  Negative talk about the size and shape of a person’s body can be damaging, even if you’re talking about yourself.  Self-deprecating language can run in two directions; It can hurt the person who is saying it and it can also make those around them feel worse.  This week, Catherine and Donald talk about how to talk to those who disparage their bodies and the bodies others.  The Tip Of the Week (TOW!) is to make your weight loss goal a small one.  The Product Of the Week (POW!) is sparkling water. Plus, Yoda is a friend of the show, the couple reveal that they want magic bracelets and invisible jets, and Catherine opens a can of whoop butt.  As a special bonus, they may even answer the age-old question, “Why is Donald’s salad so big?”.  Listen to find out!

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Amy Schumer “Compliments” sketch – NSFW