Episode 95 – Wookin’ Pa Nub

Are you lookin’ for love in all the wrong places?  Places like the refrigerator and the pantry?  People crave love in different ways and when they don’t get it, they often turn to food for comfort.  This week, Catherine and Donald discuss Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love languages and how those Love Languages relate to overeating.  You don’t need to be at your goal weight to deserve love.The Tip Of the Week (TOW!) is to use Daylight Saving Time to reassess your helpful habits. The Product Of the Week (POW!) is the Brita Filter.  Plus, Catherine is finally proud of Donald, Donald names soups, and sisters are doing it for themselves.  Warning: This episode is filled with hooey and hogwash and other such harsh language.

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Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages book:

Five Love Langues Quiz:

The Boundaries episode of We Only Look Thin (Dog the Boundary Hunter):

Gary Newman Cars Video:

Genesis Invisible Touch Video:

Buckwheat Sings Wookin’ Pa Nub: