Episode 129 – Brittany Runs a Calithon

On a weight loss journventure, we all know about eating too many calories, but did you also know that you can eat too few?  Inspired by an email from listener Brittany, Catherine and Donald talk about ways to figure out how to eat the right amount each day.  Eating as little as possible is NOT healthy and is not going to lead to long-term success.  Plus, Donald likes badges, Catherine Step-Splains some things, and just like in all good marriages, Catherine accuses Donald of being a fraud.

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The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff on Amazon:

freedieting.com calorie calculator:

Grant Girsky (@grantgirsky) Meme on Instagram comparing “handfuls” and “spoonfuls” of nuts and nut butters and why we weigh food.  Catherine and Donald talk about this Meme in the episode:

Brittany Runs a Marathon on Amazon:

Pictures of Earth from Space:

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