Episode 70 – Orange is the New Snack

Live from Folsom Prison, Catherine and Donald prove that this is not a one-note podcast.  It has at least 3 notes.  We spend so much time thinking that the perfect weight-loss moment is out of our reach.  We say to ourselves,  “If Only” and keep ourselves in a prison of our own making. Catherine and Donald talk about becoming the champion of your own choices and breaking out of your self-made cage.  There is no magic hubcap; the solution was inside you all along.  The Tip of the Week (TOW!) is to Superman 3 your fitness and calories.  The Product of the Week (POW!) is the Science Vs. Intermittent Fasting podcast.  Plus, Donald wants to be involved in a doppelganger caper and Catherine just wants caper butter.

Science Vs. Fasting Diets: