Episode 87 -. Weight LossMosis

Donald and Catherine get kind of science-y this week and discuss the often perceived idea of Weight Loss through Osmosis (i.e. “Weight LossMosis”).  We think that just by joining the club or buying the gear that we’ll successfully lose the weight.  We often confuse motion for action and we research and prepare instead of actually doing something.   Just being at the library doesn’t mean you’re reading.  The Tip of the Week (TOW!) is to save up for one really nice indulgence instead of a bunch of smaller ones.   The Product of the Week (POW!) is TSA Pre-check and yes, it relates to weight loss.  Plus,  Catherine and Donald are persons of interest,  Webster’s Dictionary does not include the Borg Collective. and if I’m eating a salad, “come at me bro”.  It has been clinically proven that you can’t lose weight if you don’t listen to this podcast AND that this episode is more gooder.

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TSA Pre-Check:

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