Episode 103 – 2020 Vision

This week, two people who wear glasses talk about having 20/20 vision. Or rather, a vision for the year 2020!  Just like you should get an annual eye exam, you should also examine your health, weight loss,  and fitness goals. How did your fitness choices serve you in 2019 and how would you like to change them for the coming year? We can have a dream in front of us, but unless we set specific actions to get to that goal, it’s just going to be a mirage.  Catherine and Donald talk about ways that you can have a clear vision of what your goal is and a plan to actually achieve it.  The Tip Of the Week (TOW!) is not to get caught in no man’s land.  Plus, Donald and Catherine are a Limited Lunch Company, Donald is Captain Toothbrush, and you can’t grow a plant from hot mud alone.

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Vision Statement post by Kim Gold

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