Episode 104 – For Whom Adele Tolls

It’s the We Only Look Thin two year anniversary!  As we embark on another year and a new decade, it is important to reflect on what got us to where we are right now.  In your 20s, losing weight feels largely like a vanity project.  In your 40s and beyond, it’s about improving health and quality of life.  This week we look at past successes and failures.  No matter where you are in your fitness journey; just getting started, coming back after an absence, or trying to maintain, Catherine and Donald  put a spotlight on the core habits that will point you in the right direction.  Plus, Catherine does an excellent Adele impression, the couple emerge from a fruitcake filled haze, and Catherine is pretty in the face.   We’re asking you as you’re starting 2020 to set some realistic goals, put some realistic habits in place, but push yourself a little bit harder.  You really do matter.

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