Episode 142 – Weight Loss MVPs

When you think of We Only Look Thin, you automatically think of top athletes.  This episode is no exception.  Inspired by the NFL season, Catherine and Donald count down their “Weight Loss Most Valuable Players”.  What are the tools, mindset adjustments, and habits that were the most helpful to the couple to get to their goal weights and stay there?  Will your weight loss MVP make the list?  There’s only one way to find out.  Plus, Donald brings up pickles again, Catherine loves alliteration, and things get boiled down into a nutshell.

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1 thought on “Episode 142 – Weight Loss MVPs

  1. Cara

    I started listening to your podcast during the lockdown in March and it brought sanity to my scattered mind. I have binge-listened to every episode since then! I appreciate your humor and “old timey” throwbacks 🙂 I have a tip for your next “tip off.” If I must eat while on the run and in my car with none of my backup snacks, I will order a kids’ meal at the drive thru. The portions are smaller and often give me the option to order apples or fruit. Usually the calories are posted too. I hope this tip helps someone out there who is running around with all their kiddos (or senior parents). Keep up the great work!

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