Episode 152 – The Mod Squad

When you think of cool, and hip, and modern, you think of two things; the late 1960’s TV series “The Mod Squad” and We Only Look Thin.  This week, Catherine and Donald ask if you have what it takes to join the WOLT Mod Squad?  If you’re faced with an unexpected health and fitness challenge, can you modify your plan to make it work or do you just throw your hands up in the air and give up?  If you said, “I modify it!”, then you might be WOLT Mod Squad material.  Listen to this week’s episode and take your first steps towards joining the Squad, man.  Plus, Catherine is very territorial about Black Friday, Donald definitely doesn’t have a 3rd Thanksgiving, and being a member of the WOLT Mod Squad is much cooler than saying you’re a member of the WOLT 21 Jump Street Team.  Solid!

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