Episode 139 – Trigger Warning

Catherine and Donald continue to milk the heck out of their r/loseit Reddit AMA!  Er, that is to say that they treat their listening audience to a more in depth look at one of the questions they were asked.  This week they tackle the difficult topic of eating disorders and being “triggered”.   Has anyone ever accused you of being “non-compliant” on a diet or exercise plan?  Have they tried to shame you because of using a “Tip or Trick” to achieve a healthier lifestyle?  Have you been attacked as having an eating disorder for even wanting to reach a healthier weight?  Catherine and Donald talk about embracing who you are and not being ashamed of using the tools that you need to succeed.  Plus, Donald forgets how to pronounce all words, the couple don’t recommend hammering nails with your fists, and if you don’t agree with the magical triangle, you get kicked out of the club.

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The AMA at r/loseit on Reddit

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