Episode 140 – The Game’s Afoot!

Chances are, if you have feet, you’ve probably used them for walking.  You’ve also probably taken them for granted. If you’ve listened to this show for any length of time, you know that the We Only Look Thin team are big fans of walking for exercise and burning calories.  Listener Melissa wrote in to Catherine and Donald for some advice on taking care of your feet when you add a lot of steps to your life.  The couple share their experiences and suggest making a solid investment in foot care.  Plus, Donald is a cheapskate, Catherine sings the “Easy Spirit” song, and the couple recommend wearing apples on your feet.

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The Institute for Preventive Foot Health

Hoka One One Shoes on Amazon (The kind Catherine wears):

Brooks Men’s Running Shoes on Amazon (The Kind that Donald wears):

Abeo Insoles from The Walking Company (The Kind that Catherine wears):

Spenco Insoles from Amazon (The Kind That Donald Wears):

Oofos Sandals:

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