Episode 132 – The Fork Tendencies

Sometimes, we have expectations for ourselves that we just can’t meet.  Getting ourselves to do what we want can oftentimes feel impossible.  Author and Podcaster Gretchen Rubin has developed a framework called “The Four Tendencies” which goes a long-way in explaining why we handle some expectations and just can’t live up to others.  This week, Catherine and Donald talk about how knowing what your tendency is can go a long way towards helping you accomplish your health and fitness goals.  Plus, Donald gets henpecked, Catherine is motivated by stickers, and the couple debate whether Chopin was an Upholder or a Rebel.  It’s riveting!

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The Four Tendencies book on Amazon:

The Four Tendencies Quiz on Gretchen Rubin’s website

Fitness Trainer Rachel Trotta explains how she uses The Four Tendencies with her clients: