Episode 130 – Shark Week

On your health and fitness adventure (or journey or journ-venture), staying on track can be difficult at the best of times and menstruating can add additional challenges into the mix.  Listener Brittany wrote in for some advice on how to navigate her time of the month, and Catherine and Donald decided to do an entire episode about it!  The couple talk about not letting it surprise you every month and making it an integral part of your overall plan.  They also give some advice on what to do when your partner is menstruating and how you might help. Plus, Catherine sings up a storm, Donald gets second hand Namaste, and the couple warn you not to lift heavy machinery while listening to this podcast.  Has WOLT finally jumped the shark?  Listen and find out!

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Yoga with Adriene

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman:

The Marcy Playground Song “Candy” that Catherine kind of sings:

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