Episode 153 – Uncle Rico

Do you believe that your best days are behind you?  Do you yearn for the glory days of yesteryear?  Do you think back fondly to that diet and exercise plan that you did a long time ago that caused the pounds to melt away?   You could be trapped by toxic nostalgia.  Catherine and Donald used to think that their best years were behind them too and that they were too old to change.  Then, they slowly changed everything and lost over 100 pounds each.  This week, the couple tell you how to identify the signs that you’re trapped in the past and tell you how you can move forward to a healthier you.  Plus, Catherine reminisces about her Grandfather’s “Polish Days”, please refer to Donald as “Broccoli Rob”, and the couple already have plans for all of 2022 so don’t ask them to do anything, even if it’s fun.

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