Episode 216 – The Tell-Tale Taco

When you think of Edgar Allen Poe, you of course think about Mexican Food.  Mr. Poe loved Mexican Food so much, that the first draft of “The Tell-Tale Heart” was about a man who ate tacos while on a diet and felt intense guilt and shame.  Many of us can relate to the protagonist of this story.  We put value judgement on our food choices, calling some foods “bad” and others “good” and ultimately calling ourselves “bad” or “good” depending on what we’ve eaten.  This week, Catherine and Donald take the judgement out of our eating habits; we’re not “good” because we’ve eaten one food or “bad” because we’ve eaten another.  We’re just people who can fit any food into a plan.  Plus, Catherine pronounces things the fancy way, Donald wants to be the pinball wizard, and which member of the Breakfast Club are you?

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Graeme Tomlinson – The Fitness Chef

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