Episode 165 – 21 Jump Street

In the same way that you should save the drama for your mama, you should save jump starting for your car’s dead battery and not for your diet and exercise plan. Thanks to the Facebook group, “Lose Weight, Eat Pizza (Counting Calories / CICO Weight Loss)”, Catherine and Donald recently did an Ask Me Anything (an “AMA” as the kids call it) and this week they do a deeper dive into the question of how you can lose as much weight as possible for a particular event.  Spoiler alert, you shouldn’t.  The couple also checks in and keeps it real regarding seasons of life.  Plus, Donald gets in trouble for laughing at the jokes of a woman who’s not his wife, Catherine plans her spontaneous banter, and the couple tries to sell you on late night salads.

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Lose Weight, Eat Pizza (Counting Calories / CICO Weight Loss) Facebook Group:

The YouTube video with Maria Bamford, Chelsea Peretti, and Aparna Nancherla that got Donald in trouble:
4 Jokes to Validate Your Constant Anxiety

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