Episode 199 – Werewolves of Funion

This week, we prove that November 1st is even scarier than Halloween by talking a lot about werewolves.   If you turn into a werewolf every month, it shouldn’t be a surprise when it happens to you the next time.  You may not be able to stop the transformation, but you can put plans in place to limit the damage that’s done.  In a similar vein, it shouldn’t be a surprise when things that happen in your life get in the way of your food and exercise choices.   The couple takes you though some strategies to prepare for the unexpected and stop you from repeating the same mistakes.  Remember, a promise is not a plan.  Plus, Catherine recommends a bop, Donald wants the armed forces to solve his candy problem, and the couple invite you to a Daylight-Saving Time party.

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How to Stop Repeating The Same Mistakes by Alice Boyes Ph.D. – Psychology Today

Self-Handicapping article at psychology.iresearchnet.com (no author credited):

Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Give Back Program:

Candy Experiments:

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