Episode 241 – Resparkleize Part 2 – Navigating Adult ADHD with Katherine Sanders

This episode has 20% more sparkle than last week!  We Only Look Thin continues with the second part of a presentation from WOLT place with member Katherine Sanders. Katherine was diagnosed with Autism/ADHD at age 42 and is completing her professional training with ADDCA, the world-class ADHD specialist coaching organization.  In this part, Catherine and Katherine discuss how the neurodivergent brain sees every circumstance all at once, the “Tower of Power”, the importance of fun in your life, using different tools at different times, and finding the moments that make you feel right.  What stories are you writing for yourself?

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What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D on Amazon

Part One of Katherine Sanders Presentation:

Episode 240 – Resparkleize Part 1 – Navigating Adult ADHD with Katherine Sanders