Episode 261 – Deep Thoughts – Part 1

You probably ask a lot of questions during your average day.  How much is it?  What’s in it for me?  Who invented liquid soap?  It turns out that some of the most important questions you can ask are of the person in the mirror.  You didn’t see that twist coming, did you?  Inspired by an article written by JoLynn Braley, We Only Look Thin takes you through 5 questions to ask yourself on your weight loss adventure journey.   Why are you starting, is your choice of diet healthy and sane, and are your habits sustainable are just some of the questions addressed.  Plus, Donald listens to podcasts on his burner phone, Catherine thinks chopping down a tree is a good gift, and the couple are jammin’ it out.

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15 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Weight Loss Journey
By JoLynn Braley

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