Episode 263 – Deep Thoughts Part 3 – Deepest Thoughts

If you were one of the thousands of people who listened to last week’s episode of We Only Look Thin and remarked, “these are the deepest thoughts I’ve ever heard”, then you’d better buckle up.  This week, Catherine and Donald’s thoughts go even deeper.   The couple talk you through the final 5 questions from an article by JoLynn Braley to ask yourself along your weight loss and fitness Jounventure (journey-adventure).  Is food the most fun thing in your life?  Are you seeing and hearing enough positive messages?  Are you taking responsibility for your actions and their outcomes?  Plus, Catherine stops blaming the Brussels Sprouts, Donald is definitely not en vogue, and the couple officially invite you to their channel on The Tik Tubes.

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15 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Weight Loss Journey
By JoLynn Braley

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