Episode 314 – Bananas for Weight Loss

If you know anything about comic books, you know that all heroes and villains have origin stories. Catherine and Donald are no exception. Listener Susan wrote in to ask the couple to talk about the early days of their journventure; how did it all start? What tools did they use? What podcasts did they listen to? How much did doctor’s advice factor in? The answers may astound you. There were so many answers in fact, that this is only part 1! Plus, Donald eats European Rice Krispies, Catherine definitely doesn’t do any crazy rambling, and it was fine to leave 4 year olds at home by themselves in the 1970s.

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Fitbits on Amazon

The Fitbit Sense (the one that Catherine and Donald use) on Amazon:

Half Size Me podcast with Heather A. Robertson

Weight Loss Made Real podcast with Cookie Rosenblum

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