Episode 224 – Loop There it Is

The Dictionary defines a “Loophole” as being nothing like a donut hole even though they both have the word “hole” in them. We Only Look Thin defines a “Loophole” as an excuse we invent so that we don’t have to work towards the Health and Fitness goals that we claim to have. This week, Catherine and Donald walk you through the second half of Gretchen Rubin’s loopholes and explain how you might be lying to yourself about why you haven’t been making progress. Why? Because they’re mean. And also, because knowing you’re lying to yourself is the most crucial step in cutting it out. Plus, Catherine opens a loop and then closes it again, Donald white knuckles it when he grabs a calculator, and this episode is so valuable, you can’t afford not to listen.

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Gretchen Rubin’s 10 Logic Loopholes

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Tag Team – Whoomp! (There It Is)

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