Episode 239 – Romancing the Scone

This week, Catherine and Donald take you on an unrealistic 80’s adventure comedy and sprinkle in advice about weight loss and fitness.  Have you ever heard that “food is love”?  Or have you ever felt like you couldn’t change something about the way you eat or exercise because “it goes against tradition” or “just isn’t who you are”?  Many of us were brought up with these notions or even latched onto them as adults.  But what if these are just stories that we tell ourselves and we can actually change?  The We Only Look Thin team talk you through how to recognize your unconscious scripts and start to change them.  Plus, Catherine blames a famous chef and a beloved painter, Donald is both a band geek and a rebel, and the couple humble brag about satellite radio.

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If Food Is Love, How Do I Love Myself? By Deborah Klinger, MA

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