Episode 255 – TIPpers Delight – Part 2

I said-a Tip, Top, the Tippie, the Tippie, To the Tip Tip hop-a you don’t stop the snack, It to the bang-bang cookie, say up jump the hoagie, To the rhythm of the Slushy, the treat (apologies to the Sugar Hill Gang). That’s right, just when you thought that the tips couldn’t possibly get more delightful, they do. Catherine and Donald present the second part of their epic trilogy of sustainable, gentle weight-loss tips based on an article by registered dietitian Abbey Sharp. This week’s tips include finding your favs, meal prepping, and giving your fridge a makeover. Plus, Catherine has a sad food face, Donald can’t be bothered to bite with his own teeth. and in a shocking twist, it turns out that “prep” is short for “preparation”.

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Abbey Sharp – Registered Dietitian

Intuitive Eating Weight Loss? – Sustainable Gentle Nutrition Tips article:

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