Episode 267 – Blame it on the Rain

Have you spent your life doing the Goldilocks with your weight loss and fitness plans?  This one’s “too hard” and that one’s “too cold” and never finding one that’s “just right”?  Did you blame it on the rain that was fallin’, fallin’? Did you blame it on the stars that didn’t shine that night? Whatever you do, don’t put the blame on you.  Or maybe you should put the blame on you?  This week, Catherine and Donald talk about their years of blaming all of the plans they tried for their inability to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.  Learning to adapt and modify plans to fit their needs was what finally got them there.  Plus, Catherine goes WOLTing on the Railroad, Donald is lip-sunk, and it turns out that the couple are more than just the pretty faces of We Only Look Thin.

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7 Self-Serving Bias Examples You See Throughout Life by Connie Mathers

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