Episode 299 – Know When to Fold ’em

Some debates may never be resolved.  Did the egg come first or the chicken?  Tastes great or less filling?  Should I focus on importing or exporting?  Is it more important to know when to hold ’em or to know when to fold ’em?  This week, We Only Look Thin chooses to focus on helping you know when to fold ’em.  There are habits that are probably LESS important to achieving your weight loss goals than you think they are and Catherine and Donald highlight some of them.  Are you trying to lose weight quickly instead of focusing on the long-term?  Doing nothing because you don’t have time to cook from scratch?  These examples just begin to scratch the surface.  Plus, Catherine crane kicks her way though life, Donald watches TV movies from the 80s, and the couple face both snakes and spiders on their ladders.

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