Episode 330 – Doom Patrol

When we name an episode of this show after DC Comics’ wackiest super team, it might be easy to assume that Donald came up with the title, but in fact, Catherine did.  Maybe she’s more of a nerd than you thought.  Anyhoodle, Catherine found an article from timeular.com about the importance of setting realistic goals in your work life and the gang here at We Only Look Thin decided to make it about weight loss because that’s what we do.  When we set unrealistic, “pie in the sky” goals, we’re doomed to failure before we begin.  However, when we set out to engage in realistic habits, we’re setting ourselves up for success.  Plus, Catherine gets marriage out of the way, Donald glides into his dotage, and people burn a lot of calories by carrying staplers in briefcases.

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6 Reasons Why It Is Important To Set Realistic Goals on Timeular.com (no author credited):

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