Episode 335 – Convenient Store – Part 1

You’ve heard of necklace chains and bicycle chains and probably even the “Chain of Fools”, but have you heard of the Ability Chain?  BJ Fogg, author of “Tiny Habits”, encourages people to make behavior change easier to do.  Make it more convenient to do the habits that you want to put in place.  This week, Catherine and Donald talk about using the five links in the Ability Chain to make it easier to eat the way you want to in order to hit your weight loss and health goals.  Figuring out what’s holding you back and simplifying the barriers is one of the key steps in lasting habit change.  Plus, Catherine gives you a standard issue gargoyle, Donald pits Professor X vs Professor Fogg, and get ready for selfies with sandwiches.

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Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg PhD on Amazon:

BJ Fogg blog post about the ability chain:

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