Episode 336 – Convenient Store – Part 2

If you’re the band Erasure, you probably want to Break These Chains of Love. If you’re BJ Fogg, PhD, you want to make your ability chain stronger. It’s sort of a Yin and Yang thing. This week, Catherine and Donald look at the first two links in the ability chain, Time, and Money, and walk you through how you troubleshoot them to get more movement into your life. By making each of the links stronger, you can get yourself to make movement part of your daily routine. Plus, Donald raises the roof to burn calories, Catherine sells a fitness onesie, and marriage is the real tough mudder.

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Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg PhD on Amazon:

BJ Fogg blog post about the ability chain:

Yoga with Adrienne

Blogilates with Cassey Ho

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