Episode 264 – The Newlywed Gain

Love.  Exciting and new.  Come aboard; we’re expecting you.  When the great poet Paul Williams wrote the lyrics to the Love Boat theme, he probably wasn’t thinking about couples who enabled each other’s weight gain, but that’s why Catherine and Donald are here.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the couple bring you an episode about how love and relationships can lead to the grounding of the Health and Fitness Ship.  The good news is that couples can work together on their goals and Catherine and Donald give you some ways to make that happen.  Plus, Donald makes a hip 16th Centry Pop Culture reference, Catherine tells you the difference between catdog people and fishdog people, and the couple are clearly zestless.

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You Can Expect to Gain 17 Pounds in the First Year of a New Relationship

Is Relationship Weight Gain A Real Thing?

Weight Gain Could Be Caused By A Happy Marriage, Study Finds

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