Episode 269 – Magic Ate Ball

Would you use a game spinner to choose an exercise routine? How about flipping a coin to pick your diet plan? What about using a Pop-O-Matic to figure out how many calories you’ll eat? You probably said “no” to all of these questions, but most people engage in bargaining or magical thinking at some point during their weight-loss adventure. People say things like, “Oh great and powerful wizard of the scale, if you just help me out this time, I promise I’ll be good from now on”. Donald and Catherine have been there too and this week the couple talk about why we do it and how to stop rolling the dice with our health and fitness decisions. The more agency and responsibility you take for yourself the more empowered you feel. Plus, Donald thinks clovers are orange, Catherine is all about the toy surprise, and at least one fortune cookie gives good advice.

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